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All in One Machine

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  • wide application
  • economical and practical
  • Flexible handling of unordered incoming materials
  • Fast production change flexible production
  • Implement a variety of complex sorting
  • Open + load + seal workstation integration


 Product Description

1)The device integrates three functions of unpacking, packing, and sealing, and is easy to install and use. The machine has the advantages of a compact structure, high integration, small footprint, high automation, fast packing speed, and high safety. Especially suitable for food, medicine, and other industries.

2)The equipment adopts advanced control technology.Greatly improve the flexibility of equipment. Through formula management and visual design, multiple sets of different packaging schemes can be flexibly set up, one key switch, greatly shorten the production line change time, improve work efficiency.


 Product Advantages

Widely used in food, medicine, 3C, day Chemical, e-commerce and other industries;

Average 1-2 years to recover the cost of investment.

The front end only needs to be simple material, and the positioning is completed by vision. The production is highly flexible.

The robot is compatible with a variety of quick-change fixtures. Suitable for packing a variety of products.

Delta manipulator packing. High degree of freedom, products can be placed freely.

A machine to complete unpacking, packing, sealing. Save space.


 Data Sheet


major dispositions


 Detailed Pictures

All in One Machine
All in One Machine All in One Machine
All in One Machine All in One Machine

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