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Notable Automatic Case Sealer Accessories to Consider

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When it comes to automating your packaging processes, an automatic case sealer is an indispensable piece of equipment. However, optimizing its functionality often requires the integration of various accessories. In this article, we will explore some essential automatic case sealer accessories worth considering for improved efficiency and productivity.

Tape Heads:

Applications: Different tape heads cater to various adhesive materials, such as pressure-sensitive tape, water-activated tape, or hot melt tape. Consider the type of tape that suits your application best.

Infeed/Exit Conveyors:

Applications: Infeed and exit conveyors can facilitate a smoother transition of boxes onto and off the case sealer. They can be particularly useful for high-speed production lines.

Adjustable Legs and Casters:

Applications: Adjustable legs and casters provide mobility and stability. They are ideal for businesses that frequently reconfigure their production layouts or require the flexibility to move the sealer to different areas.


Taping Table:

Applications: A taping table adjacent to the case sealer allows for efficient manual inspection, labeling, or additional tasks before or after the sealing process.

Pack Station Integration:

Applications: Integrating the case sealer with a pack station, complete with ergonomic workstations, can streamline packing and labeling activities, improving overall efficiency.

Extended Side Belts:

Applications: Extended side belts help handle a wider range of box sizes efficiently, eliminating the need to manually adjust the sealer for different box dimensions.

Safety Guarding:

Applications: Safety guarding ensures that the sealer operates securely, protecting operators from moving parts and potential accidents. Compliance with safety standards is crucial.


Applications: For businesses that require labeling on their sealed cases, printer/applicators can be integrated to print and apply labels directly on the sealed boxes.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

Applications: Remote monitoring and control systems enable operators to oversee and manage the sealer's performance from a centralized location, improving accessibility and efficiency.

Adjustable Height:

Applications: An adjustable height feature allows operators to set the sealer at the ideal working level for ergonomic benefits and ease of use.

Shandong Youyue Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the design and development of automatic case sealers and their accompanying accessories. They understand the significance of choosing the right accessories to complement the case sealer for specific applications and can provide tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, investing in the right automatic case sealer accessories can significantly improve your packaging operations. By carefully selecting and integrating these accessories, you can optimize your case sealer's performance, ensure safety and compliance, and meet the unique requirements of your packaging process.


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