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Plastic Basket Washing Machine

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  • The body is made of 304 stainless steel,easy to clean;
  • Reasonable design, convenient maintenance, widely used for cleaning oil and dust;
  •  Simple operation,Simple Operation Panel, easy To Operate
  • Stable performance and high effciency and energy saving;
Pallet Wrapping Machine
Fully Auto Pallet Wrapping Machine for Pallet Packing Pallet Stretching Wrapping
Despite the low price the operator has full control over how many wraps are applied to the top and bottom of the pallet giving you full control over how much film you apply to the pallet something you would associate with machines costing much more. Excellent build quality, durability and user friendly. 


 Product Advantages

Machine body is made of high quality 304 stainless steel;

Conveyor speed is frequncy adjustable;

High pressure water is spraying from up and down,left and right.The angles of the cleaning nozzles are adjustable.

Each water tank has separate drain valve and double filters to prevent nozzles blocking.Washing water is recycled used.

Configured adjustable guide bars,suitable for different size crates.


 Data Sheet

Plastic basket washing machine

Plastic basket washing machine

Plastic basket washing machine

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